Website Load Speeds

When is the last time you checked the website load speed of your website? Google defines the optimum website should load in 0.5 – 2 seconds at MOST. According to Pingdom, in 2016 the average site load speed was 5.

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Social Media Trends to consider in 2017

Below, find some of the best social media trends and statistics we have found for your marketing benefits in 2017!

  • 32% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network
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Marketing Trends for 2017

Native Content is expected to continue growing in 2017 and to expand across numerous online platforms. This marketing trend is desirable as it does not disrupt the user experience – it fits well into the platform it can be seen on.

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Loyalty Programs: Creating Loyal Shoppers

Loyalty programs are measured as a success when a consumer visits a store more often (either online or in-store), and purchases more frequently than an average shopper. What is it that encourages a consumer to visit your store more often.

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Increase Sales With Your Conversion Rate!

Do you have lots of visitors come to your website but a low conversion rate? Or simply looking for tips to increase your website conversion rate? In this post we will look at some of our top tips on ways.

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Mobile Programmatic Advertising Will become a Must Have

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen the rise of Programmatic ad buying, which is now being bolstered by the emergence of Mobile Programmatic. Big brands are putting more of their first-party consumer data on programmatic platforms to enable highly.

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Selling to Your Local Community with Facebook Marketplace

Since it was founded in February 2004, the number of Facebook users has grown drastically, reaching more than 1.7 billion users across the globe today. Facebook allows users to connect in more than one ways, such as sharing a slice.

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Get Started with Expanded Text Ads!

At the end of July, Google had released the latest development on text ad appearance on Google Searches that will attract more attention to your ads. This can lead to a greater amount of traffic to your website and the opportunity.

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Megasealed 5 min segment on Healthy Homes of Channel Ten

See our client Megasealed promoted in Healthy Homes - a top rating Saturday show on Channel Ten. Marketing Mechanics organised Megasealed to appear on the top rating show. Our agency organised the schedule, the shoot and scripting, all through to the.

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How the Google Ad Auction Works

Ever wondered how the Google Ad Auction Works? As a certified Google Partner, Marketing Mechanics has made a video for you so that you don't have to keep on guessing! Watch the video Read More