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Beating Procrastination and Getting Productive

We all know that one person who never procrastinates never misses a deadline and never seems stressed. They are the superhuman amongst us that we all love to hate but also want to be. So here are some great tips to help you become superhuman!

These 6 tips will help you work smart, not hard, getting you promotions and more free time!

1)    Work with your body

Everyone has different times of day when they are most productive, so earmark these times for doing your most important work. For a lot of people, this will be between 9-11 when they first get to work. If this is you, try not to be distracted by emails, the phone, your colleagues, in these initial hours and instead designate this time for yourself. Be selfish with your time and prioritise!


2)    Keep your workspace clean

Our brains are programmed to notice the novel, so even if you don’t think you get distracted by your workplace mess, chances are your brain is still struggling to focus on the task at hand if there are post-it-notes and food wrappers all over your desk.

3)    Compartmentalise your work

It’s hard sometimes to focus solely on one task, especially when you have multiple deadlines coming up, but you are never going to be able to do everything at once so focus on one at a time. Studies show that multitasking can lower your IQ level by 10 IQ points and flicking between tasks will inevitably take more time in the long-run.

4)    Work less

This might seem strange, but a study by the Stanford professor John Pencavel showed that a workers output is only proportional to hours worked up to a point. That point was 49hrs a week, anything more and your productivity starts to decrease dramatically. In other words, the odd all-nighter may be necessary but don’t let them become a habit. Protect your personal time and stay well rested to ensure you create the best work and have the best work-life balance.

5)    Embrace the sun

A study by the California Energy Commission found that sunlight can have a significant impact on productivity. It found that workers in call centres who sat near a window performed 6% -12% better in mental function and memory recall compared to their colleagues who were not seated by a window.

6)    Complain (in a good way)

Positively addressing workplace issues can reduce mental fatigue and benefit everyone. Present the solution to the problem so that everyone focuses on what can be done and not who is at fault. This can increase team morale and give your day an energetic boost.


Hopefully, some of these tips will revolutionise the way you work and help you get the most out of every day! Share with your friends and colleagues if you think these tips may help them too!