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Digital Frequency

A Nielsen Study has shown that 22% of digital ads failed to drive any uplift in key brand metrics in Australia. It has led to questioning the frequency of a campaign and how often a consumer should see your ad in the digital space for it to resonate with them. Data from Nielsen’s Digital Brand Effect reveals that, in Australia, exposure to digital advertising 5-9 times is the optimal range to improve the overall brand lift of the campaign – increasing the resonance by 51 per cent on average.

Resonance of ads targeting Brand Preference and Favourability peaks for consumers at three and six exposures, respectively.

The number of times consumers are exposed to a campaign will inform the strength of their response to the brand. Understanding how the objective of the campaign influences this can help advertisers to drive better results. To avoid paying for exposures they don’t need, and maximise resonance with consumers, brands and advertisers will benefit from an understanding of this optimal frequency effect.