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Facebook for Business: 6 tips which will get your business the best results on social media!

Everything You Need to Know to Put Your Business on Facebook.

One in three small businesses in Australia are on Facebook, and the ones that make the most of their social media presence use it to generate consumer confidence, brand recognition, and brand equity. Having a popular Facebook page with lots of followers and good quality, interesting and engaging content helps potential customers trust your company and ultimately buy from you. To help you achieve this we have outlined 6 top tips for creating the best Facebook content and Facebook Ads.

1) The Offer

At a very basic level, the product or service you offer needs to be appealing. Think about solving a problem for your customers, providing it at great value, and proving that your product gets results. Then make sure these aspects are demonstrated in your ad and you are on to a winner!

Focus first on getting your offer right for your target audience! Think about who your typical customers are. Draw up a customer persona, considering gender, age, household income, geographical location, interests and hobbies etc. until you have a deep understanding of the psychology of your ideal customer. 

2) It’s a numbers game 

Like all things in business, marketing has to be profitable. To ensure you are on top of your marketing expenditure, work out how much you can make from each customer, this is known as their ‘lifetime value’ or the Earnings-Per-Click (EPC). Understanding this will let you set a maximum Cost-Per-Click which will prevent you from spending more money acquiring customers than the amount you can earn from them.

3) Copy is King

The way you communicate your offer is crucial. People do not want to read too much information, but also, need enough information to understand the value of the product. There is a fine line between too much and too little copy, but finding the right balance can sky-rocket sales. You must also consider your target audience when deciding how to address your ad. A colloquial voice might work for a younger audience and a fun product but for an accountancy firm, looking to attract 50+ year old men, a more professional approach is more appropriate.  Go back to your customer persona from step 1) and ask yourself how they would like to be communicated with.

Here are some interesting stats from Facebook to consider when coming up with copy.

4) Be Unique

The internet is saturated with marketing, so to stand out from the crowd try to offer something unique. Customers are used to seeing big promises from marketers and know when a deal is too good to be true, so do not promise the world. Instead, providing a unique hook that will make you more interesting and will give you an edge over your competitors. You can do this by playing to your strengths. For example, if you are experts in a particular field, offer free consultations or free ‘How to’ brochures.


5) Imagery

Videos and pictures are proven to be big draws for adverts. With 44% of adults engaging more with brands that use imagery within their posts. Video is a fast-growing aspect of marketing with 6% of Australia’s total advertising spend of $15billion being spent on video in 2017. Imagery and videos that are relatable or humorous perform the best!


6) Consumer Journey

In today’s society, consumers want instant gratification, convenience, and reliability, with 78% of consumers saying they retract their loyalty faster today than just three years ago. Therefore, it is crucial to maximise the use of technology to provide a streamlined, efficient and reliable service. Facebook has just added these functions to their messenger app to help you do just that.


Equipped with these 6 tips you can start building your Facebook following and building your sales revenue! Good Luck, we look forward to seeing some exciting and engaging content from all of our readers! If you would like some advice or even some help managing your social media platforms just give us a call on 02 9565 2120.