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These Gmail shortcuts will save you 50 hours a year!

Everyone knows the panic of coming into work and seeing a million unread emails. Well, these tips are going to make your mornings a whole lot easier! Simple keyboard shortcuts can save you up to 50 hours a year!

Simply hold Shift and then:

Forward = f

Archive = e

Compose = c

Undo = z

Reply = r

Reply All = a

Bullet points = Command + Shift + 8

Bold = Command + b

Italicize = Command +  i

Underline = Command + u

Send Email = Command + Enter

Open keyboard shortcut help – Shift + ?

Need help at any point during the shortcut process? Or want to learn even more shortcuts? Just hold Shift, then the ? key.  A cheat sheet of all Gmail shortcuts will pop-up on your screen, here is also where you can enable some of the shortcuts which your settings may currently be blocking.


Please note: these were correct at the time of publishing and could change depending on computer software. We tested these on a Microsoft PC.