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Mobile Programmatic Advertising Will become a Must Have

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen the rise of Programmatic ad buying, which is now being bolstered by the emergence of Mobile Programmatic. Big brands are putting more of their first-party consumer data on programmatic platforms to enable highly sophisticated targeting and measurement.

Mobile provides an understanding of real-world behaviour. Marketers are leveraging this to drive success in their campaigns. Who visited my store? Who visited my competitor’s store? Who frequents coffee shops as opposed to fast food restaurants?

The leading Programmatic platforms have been rolling out their mobile offerings with these types of real world audience segments. These are further enhanced via cross-device tracking, enabling these segments to be targeted towards desktop campaigns as well.

In the second half of last year, we saw consumer packaged goods emerge as the leading vertical using mobile programmatic, with almost a third of all buying, followed by automotive and retail brands.

Availability of mobile audiences will make mobile programmatic buying a crucial marketing strategy for many brands. Mobile has become the dominant screen for today’s consumer, with the average Australian spending 260 minutes daily on a smartphone, compared to 110 minutes watching TV.

With brands looking to reach consumers on the devices where they spend the majority of their time, unlocking the potential of Mobile Programmatic is a must do in 2017.