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Why Print advertising should be included in the marketing mix

The inclusion of print magazines in the media mix drives purchase intent and helps build consumer relationships. The Multiplier Effect, a new study commissioned by magazine industry body Magazine Networks has found that combining advertising in print magazines with another main media channel has the power to help solve brand challenges such as building relationships with consumers and increasing purchase intent.

The study surveyed 3,000 consumers online with an even split across magazine and non-magazine readers. The study measured both brand health and ad impact metrics across 24 brands spanning a range of categories including FMCG, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical and furniture/appliances. The brands that included print magazines in their media mix saw a 22% uplift in brand trust, a 55% increase in brand favourability and a 29% lift in purchase intent.

The combination of print magazines with out-of-home was found to drive increases in brand interest and purchase intent, with people 3.2 times more likely to identify the brand as one they wanted to find out more about and a 43% increase in their likelihood to purchase. Also, adding magazines to radio helps establish a deeper brand connection with people 2.1 times more likely to find the brand engaging or interesting.

Furthermore, the combination of print magazines and online advertising helps drive a deeper brand relationship and influences brand advocacy, with people 2.6 times more likely to recommend the brand to others. Adding print magazines to a TV advertising buy helps increase brand favourability, with people 1.9 times more likely to consider a brand as one of their favourites.

Finally, combining magazines and newspapers sees people 9.2 times more likely to identify a brand as one they want to find out more about.