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Selling to Your Local Community with Facebook Marketplace

Since it was founded in February 2004, the number of Facebook users has grown drastically, reaching more than 1.7 billion users across the globe today. Facebook allows users to connect in more than one ways, such as sharing a slice of life with friends and families, sharing photos all the way around the world, commenting a friend’s post, and creating affinity groups to mention a few.

In the past few years, Facebook has noticed the growing number of groups where users can buy and sell products. These groups can be as little as a local community group and as big as a multinational network of buyers and sellers.

Facebook has introduced Facebook Marketplace, a platform where buyer and seller can connect in a better experience. Essentially, it’s the Classified section of a newspaper on a digital platform. Below are their selling points (excuse the pun).

Shop Locally

Marketplace enables you to browse any product listed for sale, by sellers located near you. If you couldn’t see what you like, you can search for specific items. You could also make use of the provided filter that will help you narrow down the result by location, category or price.

Once you found the product you are looking for, you could see the seller’s details, the product descriptions and their general location, by tapping on the image.

If you are not ready to make the purchase right away, you can save the listing and return to it later.

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase it, you could message the seller, using Marketplace to let them know that you are interested. As Facebook does not facilitate the actual trade of goods (payment and delivery), you and the seller will need to work it out yourselves.

Anyone can be the Seller and the Buyer

When you have an item you wish to sell, you use the Marketplace to showcase your product to the potential buyer whether they are in your local area or halfway across the globe.

Using the Marketplace, you could also choose to post your product on a particular buy and sell group.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to keep track of all of your current and past transactions in Marketplace, as well as all your conversation with buyers or sellers.

Left Field Ideas for B2C Businesses

B2C businesses can leverage from the Facebook Marketplace and sell to your surrounding community. Take a photo of your product – make sure the photos are taken with an artistic shot – and post it on the Facebook Marketplace.

If you have the creative flair, you can sell your services too. If you can depict your service on a picture, it doesn’t hurt to give it a go!

Only Available on Facebook Mobile Apps… For Now

Facebook Marketplace is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, US, and the UK on the Facebook app for iPhone and Android. It won’t be too much longer before it becomes available on the desktop version of Facebook. Stay tuned!