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Top 5 tips to get people to read your content

With so much “noise” in the marketplace, how can you and your content stand out from the flock? You might be the font of all knowledge and the world’s most talented writer, but if your content is not reaching the right audience, no-one is benefitting from your hard work. In today’s competitive market it is not enough to just write great content (although that helps), but you must also know how to beat the system and appear high up in customers’ search engines. The following are free and simple ways to increase your search engine ranking for content such as blogs, articles and social media posts.

The visibility of your published work is decided by a SEO algorithm which will reward these key features with a higher ranking:

1) New and updated content. We now spend roughly one-third of our day consuming content and with such a wealth of content available, the most recently published will be first to be seen. We recommend making a target of writing X number of blogs or posts per month and sticking to it. A regular stream of content will help keep your site relevant. A rough guide is about 1 blog and 12 Facebook posts a month. If this seems a bit daunting Marketing Mechanics has a team of marketers who can research and create interesting and relevant content for you.

2) Headings. Use large and colourful headings and subheadings to structure your work and, where possible, include keywords in the headings. This improves the reader experience and indicates a level of thoughtfulness in your writing.

3) Optimise text, images and videos. By clearly labelling images, paragraphs and videos, providing URLs, ensuring the size of images and videos meet website capabilities i.e. loading times and size, and utilising bold colours and graphics, content automatically becomes more appealing to readers.

4) Social media. Utilise your social media accounts to the full, using them solely for posting or sharing your own content will negatively affect your algorithm rating. So try to think outside the box and make your site as appealing to your target audience as possible.

5) Write great content. Having said all of this the most important thing is still to write great content. Well researched, edited and interesting content will always attract more readers and in turn followers for your next post/ blog. We recommend focusing on this first and foremost and then adding the above features later. SEO algorithms are able to recognise content that has been devised solely to trick the system and readers will definitely notice, so focus on creating great content first and then build from there.


Equipped with these 5 great tips you can create content that adds value to your readers’ experience, and it will be rewarded with a high SEO ranking. Good luck and get writing!